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The World of the Expert Witness
Tuesday, March 03, 2015
An Expert Witness typically plays many roles, including that of a businessperson, consultant, tech guru, technical writer and showman. It is a very demanding job that is not suited to probably most engineers. In this talk, you get some ideas on how to get started as an expert, and how to market your services.

Big Data SIG Pre-Meeting (6-7 pm)
Data: The New Oil -- Producing Value for the Oil & Gas Industry This talk will describe the nanosat, smallsat and Software-Defined Radio (SDR) landscape, including a solution to the problem of performance deficits and poor out-of-band rejection. Speaker Helen Lurie is currently at BitBeam, Inc., a company she founded that is building low-cost nanosat SDR-based radios.

IEEE events may be found on the e-Grid site. We are in the Santa Clara Valley Section SCV, which is part of the IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Council. SFBAC.

Agilent Technologies, Inc. is the world's premier designer and manufacturer of electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments. CNSV monthly meetings are in the Aristotle Room in Bldg. 5 at Agilent's headquarters at 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95051.

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The Professional Consultant

IEEE-CNSV members Duane Strong and John Gale co-authored The Professional Consultant, a White Paper on consultant best practices. This paper is discussed in detail in the IEEE Computer Society story Finding Success in Consulting.

Marketing Your Engineering Consulting Services On Craigslist
Long-time IEEE-CNSV member, Carl Angotti has authored the paper, "Marketing Your Engineering Consulting Services On Craigslist".
This whitepaper provides a complete step-by-step process for using Craigslist as a tool to promote yourself as an independent consultant to potential clients. It was peer reviewed by eight consultants, one of whom uses this process regularly for his consulting business.

IEEE-CNSV, the Silicon Valley chapter of the IEEE Consultants' Network, brings together consultants, clients and interested parties to exchange ideas about electrical, electronic and software engineering.

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