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* NOTE: This event requires free pre-registration. * The speaker in this talk is John Cabeca, Director of the Silicon Valley USPTO Satellite Office. John will discuss a number of topics of importance to inventors and innovators in our high tech hub, including the impact of the new Menlo Park Satellite Office (soon to move to San Jose), and the impact of the PTAB. * NOTE NEW VENUE AND DATE * This talk will describe the nanosat, smallsat and Software-Defined Radio (SDR) landscape, including a solution to the problem of performance deficits and poor out-of-band rejection. Speaker Helen Lurie is currently at BitBeam, Inc., a company she founded that is building low-cost nanosat SDR-based radios.
The World of the Expert Witness
Tuesday, March 03, 2015
An Expert Witness typically plays many roles, including that of a businessperson, consultant, tech guru, technical writer and showman. It is a very demanding job that is not suited to probably most engineers. In this talk, you get some ideas on how to get started as an expert, and how to market your services.

Big Data SIG Pre-Meeting (6-7 pm)
Data: The New Oil -- Producing Value for the Oil & Gas Industry Learn about the important areas from a top legal expert in the field: Jonathan J. Sweet, Esq. This talk will cover recent trends in Cloud Services, and will presents tools, tips and best practices for managing communications, tasks, projects and client information in a small business. You may not be taking full advantage of the power of your hand-held device. Software Defined Radio (SDR) is the culmination of advances on several fronts, and is probably the most significant area of development in radio systems today. This talkwill introduce the concepts of (1) oversampling and undersampling as it applies to SDR, (2) correctly driving and implementing an A/D converter, and (3) the firmware and software portions of SDR. A comparison with state-of-the art conventional analog circuitry will be presented, along with a live demonstration of SDR.
Conference: Storage Visions 2015
Sunday, January 04, 2015
Storage Visions focuses on digital storage and the creation, production, distribution, archiving and use of commercial as well as user-generated content. IEEE-CNSV is an Organizational Sponsor of this annual conference, which immediately precedes the International CES in Las Vegas. CNSV members should register here to receive an early registration savings of $100.
Computer Vision Grows Up
Tuesday, December 02, 2014
This talk will describe the challenges engineers face in deploying Computer Vision on embedded platforms, and how every Computer Vision solution seems to require its own computationally demanding algorithm. It will also explore the opportunities ahead as low-cost embedded devices such as wearables promise a world full of vision-enabled devices. Cell analysis is a bit like the air we breathe: nobody thinks about it much, but try taking it away and people take rapid notice. Without cell analysis, it would be impossible to perform blood counting - a routine diagnostic test performed about 300 million times a year worldwide. This talk will show how cell analysis is done today, and what exciting innovations are coming out that will revolutionize how it will be done tomorrow. This special program will introduce CODE, a documentary film about debugging the gender gap and bridging the digital divide. It will also address the questions: Why does the gender gap and digital divide in tech continue to grow? and What will society gain from having a more diverse group programming the products upon which we so heavily depend?
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